Automated Fare Collection


Xenovexs' Advanced AFC Solution for, High-Demand Urban Transport


Xenovexs' secure and scalable AFC solution is designed for urban transport systems like metro rails, automated parking lots, and rapid bus transport experiencing heavy footfall. It ensures efficient management of large passenger volumes without compromising response time or user experience. The modular design supports seamless integration with the latest fare technologies, enhancing the passenger experience and reducing costs for transit operator.

Leading the Way in AFC Innovation and Support 

20+  Successful AFC Projects Delivered Globally & Growing
8+ Million Daily Users Rely on Our AFC System
20+  Million Transactions Handled Safely
24/7  Support Ensuring Seamless Operations

Xenovex Advanced AFC Solutions

Integrated Fare Collection Systems

Comprehensive AFC solutions ensuring seamless ticketing, secure payments, and operational efficiency.


Passenger Access and Interface

Xenovex's AFC devices offer seamless self-service usage. This enables transit operators to efficiently manage ticketing bottlenecks during peak hours at high-footfall locations.


Counter Access Solutions 

Integrate various AFC ticketing solutions like Point of Sale (PoS), Ticket Office Machines (TOM), and Excess Fare Office (EFO) machines under a unified Counter Access Solutions framework. 


PoS Compatible 

Xenovex’s AFC system is compatible with third-party mobile wallets, EMV and RuPay payment modes, open loop banking cards, account-based ticketing, and various online payment methods. 


Robust Ticketing Back-End 

Our resilient multi-tier architecture, based on .Net technology, ensures safe and secure payment transactions, providing a robust ticketing back-end. 


Advanced Analytics Integration 

Seamlessly integrate with modern analytics and reporting solutions to offer a comprehensive overview of operations, enhancing decision-making and efficiency.