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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System

Our Global Positioning System (GPS) based real-time vehicle solution tracks the movement of vehicles and provides the exact position of each vehicle real-time. GPS trackers installed in vehicles relay data to our backend system through General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). These trackers relay vital information such as the current position in terms of latitude and longitude, speed at which the vehicle is travelling, the direction and acceleration.

The data from these trackers are then processed by advanced algorithms to calculate some key information such as the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to a certain location (usually a boarding or a drop point). With data in hand, the solution can be extended to derive more insights.

  •   Robust Backend – Serves as the back bone for the entire solution. The backend collects data from trackers and interprets it so that applications can consume it easily.
  •   Web Application – Developed using Angular, this helps maintenance of master data as well as live monitoring of vehicles. This application can be customized or extended based on your needs.
  •  Mobile Application – A white labelled mobile application that can be customized to suit your needs.

The key features of the solution are:

  •  Live Tracking and Monitoring: Live tracking and monitoring of vehicles in both Web and Mobile apps.
  •  Master Data Management: Main information about the fleet, crew, routes to be taken and designated stops.
  •  Route and Schedule Planning: Plan the routes assigned to every vehicle and maintain their schedule.
  •  Recording with Play back: Opt to record the routes taken by your fleet. Spot the driving and stopping patterns to check for any signs of pilferage.
  •  SMS Notifications: Customize SMS and push notifications that can be sent before the departure or on arrival at designated locations.
  •  Live Location Sharing: Allow your passengers to share the vehicle’s live location with their family and friends.

Use cases we cater to

Popular use cases for our real-time vehicle tracking solution are:

  •  Fleet Management for Tour Operators and Logistics Providers : The solution can be adapted to suit tour operators and logistics providers. In addition to this, it can be integrated with online ticketing platforms to provide a seamless experience to users.
  •  Real-Time tracking for educational institutions : GPS trackers can easily be installed onto school buses. With live monitoring, you can study driving patterns and also check for any route deviations. In addition to that, parents can be notified of the bus’s exact location and its arrival or departure from the school’s premises.
  •  Construction & Farm equipment tracking : If you are an organization that rents out farm or construction equipment, look no further. Our solution lets you track them and plan accordingly so that your fleet can be deployed in the most optimized manner.